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Mandatory energy audit in Brussels

The headquarters of Lineas, formerly B-logistics, are subject to the obligation of the Brussels region to conduct an energy audit.
Factor4 is a certified auditor in the Brussels region.

The scope of the audit is to screen the building parts and services that are used by all tenants (e.g. HVAC installation) as well as the building parts that are used by the organization only (e.g. lighting installation). The screening is done from energy efficiency perspective and the outcome is reported to the competent authority in the Brussels Capital Region.

The audit is conducted in line with the requirements in the ‘Ordonnantie houdende het Brussels Wetboek van Lucht, Klimaat en Energiebeheersing’. This entails the following topics:

  • report the total energy consumption,
  • establish an energy balance per energy vector (electricity, gas, …) and per sector (offices, cars, processes, …),
  • suggest measures to improve the energy-efficiency,
  • quantify the impact of the suggested measures, as well as assess their economic viability,
  • formulate recommendations related to energy and energy efficiency.

The report is finally submitted to the competent authorities.

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