Return on investment



Our aim is to improve the performance of your building portfolio. We want to increase the utilization rate and ROI of your assets. We help you to build your case with arguments based on measurements, facts and experience.


We define a sound strategy.

We check the performance of your buildings using energy monitoring systems, our Comfortmeter and NEN2767 inventarisation. Based on these measurements we assist you in prioritizing the efforts for improvement.

We take efficient action.

We help you decide which techniques to apply and how to do this in the most effective way. We also take our own responsibility: we are prepared to share the risks and benefits with you. Because you should practice what you preach, right?

We verify the results

We verify the impact of actions taken with respect to energy, CO2 footprint, comfort and maintenance.

At Factor4, we are aware that sustainability should fit within a realistic economic and financial framework. Therefore, our advice and projects are usually based on financial analyses (internal rate of return, net present value). In these analyzes, we bring about all costs and benefits over the entire lifetime of an installation or measure (total cost of ownership).

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Relevant services

Performance contracting

We help public authorities and building managers set up EPC and ESCO projects.

Read more


We are accredited and licensed to perform energy audits, report on CO2 footprints and we can help you offset your CO2 emissions. Read more

Design and optimisation

We design and develop energy-related components: from conceptual design over detailed drawings to procurement documents. We take on new designs and optimize existing installations. Read more

Measuring performance

We measure building performance using different tools, from sensors over audits to comfort surveys. Read more

EU taxonomy screening

We support REITs, asset managers and property developers in keeping/making their real estate portfolio resilient and future proof by conducting technical screenings in compliance with the criteria of the EU Taxonomy. Read more

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