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A good “building performance contract” guarantees a certain level of energy cost reduction, comfort satisfaction and maintenance. We help public authorities and building managers set up EPC and ESCO projects.

Our services related to performance contracting include:

Is your building ready for an Energy Performance Contract?

EPC Facilitation

As EPC-facilitator, we coach our client in setting up the EPC-contract and we manage the project: definition of the performance, measurement and verification of the savings, adjudication process, …

ESCO: Plus+

We take care of (energy) business for you. We implement energy efficiency measures and guarantee that they are worth your while. If not, you get reimbursed.

Measurement and Verification

Our experts are Certified Measurement and Verification Professionals (CMVP), certified by EVO.
We provide you with IPMVP adherent measurement and verification plans or independently verify such plans or reports.
In many cases, a simplified M&V approach can provide enough confidence without spending large amounts of time and money.

Energy supply contracting

We sell hot water and heat to condominium owners. The installation and maintenance of the boiler room is up to us. The building users can enjoy hot water and heating at a fixed price, without the burdens of managing the boiler room.

Code of Conduct

The European code of conduct for energy performance contracting is a set of values and principles that are paramount for the successful implementation of performance contracts. Factor4 was one of the first signatories.

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