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Helpdesk Sustainable Buildings Province of Vlaams Brabant

Since 2014, Factor4 has been part of a partnership led by EY, that was appointed as an expert to implement the Flemish Brabant Province’s Helpdesk Sustainable Building.
The task of Factor4 as EPC expert consists in informing municipalities about the possibilities and pros and cons of Energy Performance Contracting and assisting the municipal councils in setting up and procuring EPC projects.

The EPC coaching trajectory consists of following steps:

  • an EPC-training
  • Signature of a Letter of Intent
  • an EPC-pre-feasibility study
  • Development of a building portfolio master plan
  • Procurement of an EPC-facilitator

The conclusions are discussed in an interactive workshop (JAM-session) with the EPC-experts and municipal stakeholders.
In parallel, Factor4 conducted ‘spot advices’: a walk-trough audit with the building manager to show the energy and non-energy saving potential.

Based on the conclusions of the prefeasibility report and the ‘JAM-session’, the municipality agrees on the scope of the EPC-project and the assignment of an EPC-facilitator.

In the last step of the EPC coaching trajectory the municipalities procured an EPC-facilitator using procurement documents developed by the province in collaboration with the EPC-experts.

The first EPC trajectory was a big success. Of the eight municipalities that started the program six (75%) will go for EPC.
In a second trajectory, 6 more municipalities procured an EPC-facilitator.

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Services in this project:

Performance contracting

We help public authorities and building managers set up EPC and ESCO projects.

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EU taxonomy screening

We support REITs, asset managers and property developers in keeping/making their real estate portfolio resilient and future proof by conducting technical screenings in compliance with the criteria of the EU Taxonomy. Read more


We organize workshops and trainings for organizations or public authorities that want to start working with ESCOs, Energy Performance Contracting or re-commissioning. Read more

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