Building type
Offices and logistics

Averbode, B

Floor area

Yearly energy consumption
Gas: 538.000 kWh
Electricity: 197.000 kWh

Cost savings
Gas: 31%
Electricity: 9%

Factor4 installed a new heating system regulation that can be set up and maintained remotely and achieved a saving of more than 30%. Factor4 is responsible for the installation and monitoring of the installation and has also checked the hydraulics regulation. The users are also well-informed about the correct use of the thermostatic valves.

The lighting in the offices consisted of large industrial fixtures with double lamps. Each pair of lamps was replaced with a single lamp, a similar eco version. This led to a 16% saving on electricity consumption, but also to a higher level of comfort with the employees (less glare).

The energy consumption is monitored in detail and the customer pays Factor4 based on the realized savings. This means that the experts who perform the project fully serve the customer’s interest: to make the most of the energy savings. On the other hand, Factor4 ensures a minimal result in terms of energy and comfort satisfaction.

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