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Factor4 helps you to outsource the burdens of energy management. Although not always applicable, energy performance contracts are a very useful tool to do so.

Some examples:


We sell hot water

Instead of buying and maintaining a heating installation for your condominium, you can also have a service provider who will take care of all this and simply buy hot water, heat or even comfort. You pay only what you use and you are sure the installation is energy-efficient and well-maintained. The price is fixed and all-inclusive.

We monitor your energy use

To have a clear idea of the energy use of your organization or of your building portfolio, is not always easy. The information is often hidden in accounting paperwork or sometimes not even available. We set up a professional energy monitoring system for you. We can show you how to use it efficiently or we can monitor it ourselves. We can alert you about abnormal consumptions, give you an independent indication on energy saving potential and provide you with a yearly or quarterly report.

We take care of your energy procurement

If you have a significant yearly energy budget, energy procurement decisions are crucial and energy price fluctuations affect your business. We can purchase energy on your behalf. We are on top of the market dynamics and we combine the procurement of your energy with other customers, leading to significant cost reductions.

In various apartment buildings, we assisted the association of co-owners in the procurement of an all-in heating solution. They now buy hot water instead of fuel oil. They do not have to worry about the installation in the basement and are sure that the costs do not increase.

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Relevant services

Performance contracting

We help public authorities and building managers set up EPC and ESCO projects.

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EU taxonomy screening

We support REITs, asset managers and property developers in keeping/making their real estate portfolio resilient and future proof by conducting technical screenings in compliance with the criteria of the EU Taxonomy. Read more

Measuring performance

We measure building performance using different tools, from sensors over audits to comfort surveys. Read more

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