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De Winkelhaak
80 office workers surveyed

Comfortmeter survey in an office building

Factor4 organized a survey in Co-working office ‘De Winkelhaak’, using the Comfortmeter®.
We asked the users what score between 0% and 100% they give to their workplace in terms of temperature, air quality, light and sound. The results allowed us to compare the building with other buildings and to highlight the areas in which there is potential for improvement.
In general, the building scored very well: for most aspects, “De Winkelhaak” is above average, only the sound proved to be a difficult point.
Meanwhile, the building owner has taken action this time. Soon, measures will be taken to improve the acoustic quality of workplaces.
Then we will conduct a survey again to show that the comfort satisfaction and productivity of the creative entrepreneurs in “De Winkelhaak” are improved.

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Measuring performance

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