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Public sector: administration buildings

Federal building agency, Fedesco


Energy performance contracting in 13 federal buildings

On behalf of Fedesco, Factor4 has developed an innovative EPC model with legal support by Stibbe, and coordinated its implementation in the initial phase of the first Belgian EPC project.

Factor4 developed a manual that includes all the documents and procedures needed for an EPC process. It is a guide for the client and the EPC facilitator that supports him. The model is the basis for an Energy, Maintenance and Comfort Performance contract. It includes specialized knowledge and practical experience in energy efficiency in general and energy performance contracts, ESCO models, measurement & verification (M&V), comfort management, building and plant maintenance, public procurement and third party financing in particular.
The contractor (ESCO) must comply with a set of clear project requirements and, within the framework of those requirements, can decide autonomously on actions and measures to be taken. There are common project requirements and bonus/malus project requirements. The bonus/malus requirements are the energy performance, the comfort satisfaction in the buildings and the building value at the end of the project.
The EPC model includes a number of innovative concepts, such as:

  • performance-oriented maintenance, with condition scores according to the NEN2767 standard;
  • a comfort satisfaction survey and score, which places users comfort on the comfort of their users.
  • the building value concept that maximizes the quality of the building and its installations at the end of the project;
  • the bonus/malus project requirements of the EPC model make for a 100% performance-oriented and output-driven approach;
  • the pragmatic approach for measurement and verification (M&V) of energy savings, in accordance with the IPMVP protocol;
  • the integration of an end-user and EPC-facilitator manual, describing all phases of the EPC project process.

This approach allows to maximize the use of the ESCO’s expertise and ensures that the ESCO’s incentives coincide with those of the owner/tenant. This reduces the overall operating cost of the building and increases user comfort.

Factor4 piloted the model in the first phase of a highly complex project. A building pool of 13 office buildings, owned by a private party (Fedimmo) and hired and managed by the Federal Building Agency, is used by 4 different federal public services. Fedesco had proposed replacing the renewal of maintenance contracts for these buildings with an EPC contract that includes energy performance, including maintenance and comfort performance.
Factor4 presented the model to the various stakeholders and prepared the procurement documents, in addition to a number of “internal” contracts that determine the agreements between the various stakeholders on cost allocation and decision-making.

The critical building data, energy consumption, comfort satisfaction inventory of the installations (with NEN2767 condition measurements) and existing maintenance contracts were collected and managed by Factor4.

Factor4 has made an estimation of the costs and benefits of the project. This allowed Fedesco, users and owners to reserve the necessary budgets.
A comparison with a business-as-usual scenario shows that the EPC scenario would be more advantageous. Following favorable advice from the inspectors of finance from the respective government departments, the Ministerial Council of 19 July 2013 approved the publication of the notice of the contract (with an estimated total of 5M € including VAT).

The Federal Building Agency has tendered the project in the meantime. The implementation started in 2017.

Services in this project:

Performance contracting

We help public authorities and building managers set up EPC and ESCO projects.

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Strategic advice

We assist public authorities and building managers towards better performing and sustainable real estate portfolios. We develop strategies and corresponding roadmaps. We help implement the roadmaps by offering workshops in which we focus on change management and process management. Read more

Measuring performance

We measure building performance using different tools, from sensors over audits to comfort surveys. Read more

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