Building type:
Offices and workshop

Kallo, B

Floor surface

Yearly energy use
Oil: 256.361 kWh
Gas: 163.888 kWh
Electricity: 734.000 kWh

Expected savings
Fuel: 30%
Electricity: 23%

Mandatory energy audit with extra guarantees

The site of Herbosch Kiere in Kallo is subject to the Flemish Region’s obligation to conduct an energy audit.
Vlarem art. 93 and the corresponding regulations of the Flemish Energy Agency (VEA) determine the modalities of the energy audit.
Factor4 also proposes a savings plan with a result guarantee based on the findings of the audit. In this way, the customer can choose to actually carry out the measures in the audit, to enjoy the guaranteed savings and thus to recover the costs of the mandatory audit.

The first phase is concluded with the audit report and its submission via the web application of Flemish Energy Agency (VEA). Actions in the first phase:

  • Preparation of pre-audit questionnaire and description of the audit process.
  • Discussion of questionnaire and planning audit visit and involved team (who, what, when)
  • Tour and inspection of buildings, transport fleet and installations
  • Preparation of the audit report
  • Discussion of the draft version of the audit report
  • Preparation of the final version of the audit report, including separate information to be reported to the Flemish Energy Agency
  • Submission of the audit report to the Flemish Energy Agency

Factor4 also helped Herbosch-Kiere to comply with the obligation for the energetic inspection of air conditioners and heating audits. These audits were conducted together with the global energy audit.
The required heating audit for heating boilers> 100 kW is done using the H100 software made available by the Flemish government.
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The energetic inspection of the airco’s is done by an accredited air-energy expert on the basis of a web application by the government.

Services in this project:


We are accredited and licensed to perform energy audits, report on CO2 footprints and we can help you offset your CO2 emissions. Read more

Performance contracting

We help public authorities and building managers set up EPC and ESCO projects.

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Design and optimisation

We design and develop energy-related components: from conceptual design over detailed drawings to procurement documents. We take on new designs and optimize existing installations. Read more

Measuring performance

We measure building performance using different tools, from sensors over audits to comfort surveys. Read more

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