Building type:
healthcare institutions


Floor area:
200 to 50.000m²

Yearly energy use
Gas: 6 MWh – 10.000 MWh
Elektricity: 2 MWh – 3.000 MWh

Factor4 supports the Flemish Energy Company in carrying out energy performance diagnoses tailored to each building in the Flemish healthcare sector. These scans will result in an action plan with measures that pay for themselves within five years.

In just a few weeks, 50 buildings were scanned.

Performing a potential scan consists of the following components:

  • Analysis of available data: overview of total energy consumptions and benchmarking;
  • Carrying out the necessary site visits, including time with building managers to gain insight into the historical and future use of the building;
  • Drawing up an inventory with photographs and analysis of the relevant building components and technical installations with a view to energy-saving measures;
  • Condition of the energetically significant parts: estimation based on age, visible or reported defects and defects. The NEN2767 is used as the basis for this.
  • Inventory and analysis of energy saving measures, including Explanation of measures in function of savings potential and investment needs (total cost of ownership).
  • Explanation of the proposed measures to the building manager on site and after feedback from the building manager, make one-off adjustments to the potential scan.
  • Drawing up a final potential scan report per building and an overall plan of action for the building park of large organisations.

The scan report contains

  • a list and discussion of possible energy-saving measures, including the potential for savings. Energy-saving measures include: insulation of the building envelope (roof, floor, wall), improvement of joinery, adjustment of regulations, relighting, renovation of heating places, PV installation, renovation of cooling, heat pumps and CHP, sub-metering and energy monitoring, etc.
  • a prioritisation order. This takes into account the state of the component, the impact on the other measures and the practical feasibility (most natural moment of implementation).
  • an overview of the investment costs, savings, estimated payback period and estimated primary energy & CO2 emission savings. The measures are assessed in terms of payback time and total cost of ownership.

Services in this project:

EU taxonomy screening

We support REITs, asset managers and property developers in keeping/making their real estate portfolio resilient and future proof by conducting technical screenings in compliance with the criteria of the EU Taxonomy. Read more

Design and optimisation

We design and develop energy-related components: from conceptual design over detailed drawings to procurement documents. We take on new designs and optimize existing installations. Read more

Measuring performance

We measure building performance using different tools, from sensors over audits to comfort surveys. Read more

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