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Factor4 assesses building performance based on the user’s well-being. We focus on the main comfort parameters: temperature, acoustics, air quality and light.
To a large extent, the health, well-being and productivity of office workers is impacted by the indoor environment within a building. Hence, Factor4 puts the building user in the driving seat.

We listen to your employees

We believe that people are the best measuring instruments. So, we monitor the performance of your building by surveying its daily users, the office workers.

We measure and compare

We have developed the Comfortmeter (, an online tool to optimize the survey process. The Comfortmeter report benchmarks your building with respect to crucial parameters such as light, temperature, air quality and acoustics.

We improve your competitiveness

We provide you with a priority list of measures to implement in your building. When you improve your comfort satisfaction, it will increase the well-being and the productivity of your office workers.

We have conducted a Comfortmeter survey in a large office building. The resulting report helped the HR manager to select and implement the most effective measures to improve the indoor environment. Employee productivity has increased and they expect to have less sick leave days

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