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Energy performance contracts have a lot of advantages compared to the business as usual. Kristof briefly summarizes the main differences. (in Dutch)

EPC, TPF and ESCO are acronyms and terms that are often used as synonyms. Sven explains the difference. (in Dutch)

An EPC facilitator helps organisations in preparation of EPC projects. Geert Goorden explains what this facilitator does exactly. (in Dutch)

Sven Wuyts explains the meaning and importance of Measurement and Verification in Energy performance contracts. (in Dutch)

September 19, 2017, Eurostat has published an updated guidance note on the recording of energy performance contracts in government accounts.
Johan Coolen points out the importance of the new EUTOSTAT guideline. (in Dutch, English subtitles available)

EENE, the Energy Efficiency Network Europe, is a network of more than 20 companies offering energy services together. Erik clarifies how it works. (in Dutch)

Comfortmeter is a web based survey tool to measure the comfort satisfaction of office workers. Geert explains what it does and how it can help you improve the performance of your building. (in Dutch)

To learn more about building performance, check out these movies:

Energy performance contracts explained (Dutch)

Re-commissioning in buildings (Dutch, English subtitles)

To find out if EPC is a suitable model for your buildings, use the EPC-check tool:
(Dutch only)

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